The Edinburgh Festival Project 2017 – Auditions for “The Story of Snow and other true tales according to Reet Petite” by Grant Corr

Audition by video – deadline midnight, 2nd April 2017.


An incredible opportunity to perform in a professional production at the world’s largest arts festival!


Aged 12-24?  Interested in a career in Theatre or Music?


Duckegg Theatre Company are providing a unique opportunity to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in a week long run of their new production “The Story of Snow and other true tales according to Reet Petite.  This year there are 15 roles up for grabs including performance and production roles.  The Festival provides a career starting point for many famous Actors, Playwrights, Directors and Comedians.


Snow is the newest prisoner at HMP Young Offenders Institution, Hull.  Through the medium of fairytales, cellmates Reet and Snow explore their respective families, the reasons for their imprisonment and, ultimately, how they can change their own ending.  ”If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.”

A play about media manipulation, owning your identity and standing up for yourself.



What Will I Have to Do?


The project consists of a period of intense rehearsals at Duckegg Theatre Company’s base – The Ropewalk, Barton Upon Humber and one or two potential rehearsals in Leeds (we can help arrange transport).  These will begin at the end of May with read throughs and character development workshops.  Cast members must make themselves available on these dates, we will endeavour to make the dates fit the cast in the first production meeting.  There is likely to be an intense rehearsal period in the Summer holidays before we open the show.


Then on 11th August we head up to Edinburgh for performances at Paradise @ Augustines Theatre and street theatre from 14th-18th August!  Our friendly chaperones will always be on hand to help with any problems you may have.


You will be staying at Edinburgh University’s ‘Hermit’s Croft’ campus in student flats, allowing you a real experience of touring theatre.


Will We Get to See Any Shows?


Yes!  The best thing about the festival is the thousands of different shows to see and draw inspiration from.  We have ensured that we have a few days to fully immerse you in the festival before commencing performances this year.


Are there any production roles available?


The following production roles are potentially available for excellent applicants submitting a video portfolio of work/ideas.


Assistant Director
Stage Manager

Lighting Technician/Designer

Hair and Make Up Artist




How much does it cost?


Project places cost £600 per person – this includes rehearsal costs, accommodation in Edinburgh, all travel, tickets to some festival shows, your show t-shirt and the time of your life.  The fee can be paid up front or in three instalments (May, June, July).  For your information, it costs Duckegg just under £15,000 to take a show to the fringe – Duckegg contribute £6000 to the project from youth theatre show profits, external funders and profits from our touring productions.


I don’t know if I can afford the fee – should I still audition?


Definitely!  We hold a fundraising meeting early on in the project to help you cover the cost of your place.  Students in previous years have been surprised at how quickly they were able to raise the fee through business sponsorship and fundraising ideas.


Are there any bursaries available?


Yes!  There are x4 leadership bursaries available, worth £150 each, for members aged 17+ who would like to take a leadership role with younger cast members whilst at the Edfringe.  If you wish to apply for this please state it on your booking form.


Why should I do it?


“Edinburgh Fringe is the place that reminds you why you love theatre.  Having that experience makes you want to be involved in the arts forever.  It makes all of the challenges and trials worth it.”  Shannon Mae Toyne


“Often when you express an interest in the arts as a career in school or college, you are faced with the same look of exasperation, laughter and an expression that says “good look waiting tables”.  This can discourage you, however if you are lucky enough to get involved in the fringe festival you will see that the arts are alive and thriving; you will see everything from mimes with their mouth taped shut to tight rope walkers. It was honestly on of the craziest best experiences in my life and I would suggest that everybody should audition.”  Joseph Shepherd


‘Be warned: you’ll never be able to imagine any August for the rest of your life without the Fringe. But it will be the most manic, yet exciting, crazy yet fulfilling, and busy, yet best week of your life every single year.’  Daniel Swift


“The fringe is so, so rewarding and such a fun way to build confidence – for performing and adult-ing… all while making brilliant friends and having a crazy time!”  Rhiannon Hill


‘Edinburgh Fringe will be one of the best experiences of your life – the feeling of walking down the Royal Mile for the first time is one that stays with you forever. It has made me the person I am today and has given me the confidence to pursue what I love as a career.’  Hannah Leek


“Edinburgh Fringe is the perfect platform for anyone wanting to get a taste of what it’s like to work in professional theatre- with the biggest range of shows to see at any theatre festival, it’s an unforgettable experience that’ll have you going back year after year.”  Sophie Roberts


“I have never known children change so rapidly in such short space. My children both have been and they went as children and came back young ladies.”  Lisa Kmita – Parent


“Because it is a great way of getting away from your olds for a week and have a darn good time!……no wait, they will probably want to go up there too to see you perform your socks off!” Colette Cullen – Parent

Those ruddy hills and steps kill your legs!!! Book accommodation early if you plan to follow the ducks up there.”  Clare Mainon – Parent







Video auditions will be assessed.




Places are announced and show packs distributed.  Draft script will be received and first production meeting called.




Rehearsals begin, casting.




Rehearsals, performances and probably the most fun you’ll ever have!




Please email to send your audition.  The audition will consist of:


A 2-3 minute monologue of your choosing.

A song of your choosing (please act out your song)

A performance on your instrument (only if you are a musician!)

Submission of this questionnaire

Submission of this booking form


Feel free to get creative in your videos!  We are auditioning this way this year as a result of the explosion of ‘self tape’ auditions currently requested on major casting networks.  It’s a good way to get some experience of this.


Please ensure you send all items for the audition.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND VIDEOS OVER EMAIL. Use a large file sharing service such as Dropbox, Google Docs or wetransfer.



Right click here for an audition booking form and return to




Call 07723 371833 or email for further information.

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