West End

Leave Hitler to Me Lad

Book by Haley Cox, Music by Ben Pringle

★★★★★ “…a beautifully executed, sophisticated reflection on what it means to be a family.”
The Londonist.  Read this Leave Hitler to Me Lad five star review.

★★★★ “…a triumph of strong, bold writing and a fine cast.”
Northern Soul.  Read this Leave Hitler to Me Lad review.

★★★★ “…the most sensitive and well-written family show at the (Edinburgh) festival.”
Broadway Baby.  Read this Leave Hitler to Me Lad review.

“…bulging with heart wrenching scenes…I doubt it’s the last time Duckegg will be asked to visit the big smoke.”
After Nyne Magazine.  Read this Leave Hitler to Me Lad review.

“Tragic, bittersweet and captivating…”
Stage Review.

“Leave Hitler to Me Lad tugs pretty hard at the heartstrings as it explores the suffering of abandoned children and of families still reeling from the effects of the Second World War, years after the guns fell silent.”
Musical Theatre Review.

“…the play is grounded in the quite extraordinary musicality of the production.”
A Younger Theatre.

Based on a true story, “Leave Hitler To Me, Lad” tells the untold tale of a lost generation of children in the aftermath of World War 2.

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Brian’s Dad is a war hero and he’s coming home any day! He’s been coming home for 7 years… It’s 1952 and the country is rebuilding itself. King George is dead and Rock ‘n’ Roll is here to stay. Brian builds his own little family at Great Stony School with his rabbit Pandy, friends Gladys, an orphan, George, who doesn’t know where his parents are either and Mr Bill his Welfare Officer. Then there is Miss Bates, the Headmistress of Great Stony who rules the school with an iron fist. The children look forward to Sports Day – a day off Bates’ rules and sanctions. However, heads turn when glamorous teenager Pam appears to unravel the past and reveal a shocking secret that will turn Brian’s world upside down, forever. “…the most sensitive and well-written family show at the festival.” (Broadway Baby) Supported by Arts Council England.

Suitable for ages 10+ due to the difficult themes presented in the show; we don’t believe in shying away from difficult subjects.   The show does not ‘sugar coat’ the content and includes a fight scene, some artificial smoking on stage and references to alcoholism and domestic violence.  Therefore this production may not be suitable for those of a sensitive disposition.

A huge thanks to our Kickstarter backers:

Dr Robert M Jaggs-Fowler, Sarah Bartlett, Matthew Farley, Dave Redfern, Bishop Grosseteste University, Darren Soper, Fiona Blott, Parry Gripp, Tony Blott, Margaret Cox, John Arrowsmith, Chris & Cathie Hobbs, Kit Collingwood-Richardson, Nicky Hanna, Roddy Tannahill, Matt Milne, Rachel & Stephen Grattage, Bill Harrison, Helen Hussey, Colette Cullen and Dave Plunkett, Austin Rodriguez, Kenneth Dennis, Clare Mainon, Sam Waites, Matthew Crowe, Jackie Mason, Virginia Crow, Sarah Shepherd, Viv Kerridge, Christine Garratt, Joe McWilliam, Roger Whitehouse, Barry Kensett, Chip Smith, Joseph Spence, Jules Birkby, Mark Kmita, Steve Rogers, Sean Vrabel, Karen Chapman, Phil & Fran Morris, Martin and Denise Dodsworth, Frisky & Mannish, Daniel Swift, Sarah Glover, Liz Cole, Stuart Smith, Katherine Lunnon, Liz Bennet, Phil Collingwood, Steve McComas, Derek Horton, Claudia Agster, Dave Smith and Gayna Hobbs.

Thank you for allowing our tiny company this massive opportunity to grow and get this show to the West End!


Louis Labovitch
Rosie Fox
Miss Bates/Mary
James Mountain
Mr Bill/Barry
Rachel O'Hare
George Grattage
Young Brian (Cast 1)
Adam Skinn
Young Brian (Cast 2)
Amy Leek
Gladys (Cast 1)
Lucy Blott
Gladys (Cast 2)
Sam Davies
George (Cast 1)
James Smalley
George (Cast 2)


Haley Cox
Ben Pringle
Barney George
Set Designer
Neil Muralee
Production Designer
Mark Kensett
Jonah Kensett
Technician/Production Assistant

Where & When?

The Lowther

Pavilion, Lytham St Annes


The Ropewalk

Ropery Hall, Barton-Upon-Humber


The Underground

Theatre, Eastbourne


The Madhouse

The Markham Hall, Grimsby


The Brindley

Theatre, Runcorn


The Barn

Theatre, Kilnsea


The Arts

Theatre, London

29/09/2015, 7:30pm

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Theatre, London

30/09/2015, 7:30pm

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Theatre, London

01/10/2015, 7:30pm

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Theatre, London

02/10/2015, 7:30pm

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Theatre, London

03/10/2015, 3pm

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Theatre, London

03/10/2015, 7:30pm

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Theatre, London

04/10/2015, 3pm

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Theatre, London

04/10/2015, 7:30pm

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Theatre, London

06/10/2015, 7:30pm

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Theatre, London

07/10/2015, 7:30pm

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Theatre, London

08/10/2015, 7:30pm


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